December 2006

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    Electric Sheep – Windows Screen-saver

    I know that a screensaver is a bit pasé these days but a nice bit of eye candy is always good to raise a smile. The electric sheep screen-saver has captured my imagination with its approach… The electric sheep screen-saver is a random abstract animation that is generated using a genetic algorithm. The interesting bit […] More

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    Fresh Development – New Image and Business Cards

    The new design and business cards for Fresh Development arrived recently (see below). I am really pleased with the logo and new look – this will replace my old image and company name, Care IT. Hopefully the logo will reflect the focus on web development and producing cutting edge solutions. More

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    RecStand Review – CD/DVD/Optical Disc Holder from Pratastudio

    Recstand is a compact, elegant and extremely stylish solution to storing your piles of CDs, DVDs and other media floating around your desk. The Recstand itself is a small block with slots for 18 optical discs (CDs, DVDs etc.), without cases, to stand in. The design means that the optical discs don’t touch and won’t […] More

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    Threshers Discount Voucher – Viral Marketing?

    There has been a lot of buzz about a printable voucher from the wine and alcohol retailer Threshers. The voucher is said to have been made available only to suppliers and valued customers as a christmas gift. The discount voucher has since spread around blogs and forums like wildfire and every news site is reporting […] More

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    Innocent Flickr Challenge Bonanza

    Not so long ago I signed up for a newsletter from the popular smoothie drinks makers Innocent. They offered to send me a free Christmas gift for something or another, and on Saturday it arrived. A small cardboard box containing a slightly wilted sprig of mistletoe, along with a small card explaining the challenge – […] More