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    Wii Error 51130 After News Channel Update

    After updating the Wii News Channel my Wii developed a problem connecting to the internet reporting error code 51130. In case anyone is having a similar problem, I changed the MTU from 0 to 1500 (on the Wii configuration) and changed the Wireless Channel on my router to 1 (from 6). This worked straight away […] More

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    Nintendo Wii News Channel Now Launched

    The news channel on my Wii has been inactive since I got it, although today the blue led light notified me of a new message – it was Nintendo saying the channel is now active. It looks like the message was to everyone so all you got to do is update and you will be […] More

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    The Daily Mail – Readers Questions

    I have the misfortune of reading the Daily Mail on a regular basis. This highly influenced and totally opinionated “news” paper is perhaps the last piece of written text that I would ever exchange money for, although with it being in close proximity to my source of caffeine I quite often read it. An interesting […] More

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    Wii Light Always On – Wii Connect 24

    A couple of people have mentioned that when their Wii is not being used, the standby light stays on and occasionally the blue led (inside the Disc Slot) lights up and flashes. The Wii Connect 24 service is designed to keep your Wii up to date with new messages, system updates, latest news, weather etc. […] More

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    Grave of the Fireflies, by Studio Ghibli

    A couple of years ago I took a gamble on a film called Spirited Away, a highly acclaimed Japanese anime produced by Studio Ghibli. I’m a big fan of Japanese culture in general so I really enjoyed watching this highly imaginative story with a typical Japanese edge. So last night I watched another film by […] More

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    Customary Nintendo Wii Photos and Post

    So I know that everyone has covered the Wii, dreamt up a million cheesy puns and all the photos have been taken… but I just got mine yesterday and I am still a bit excited, so please excuse this generic Wii blog post and photos. If you do have a Wii don’t forget to get […] More