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    New Project – Caption Star

    I have just launched a new project, Caption Star. The idea is to let people post captions to Celebrity Pictures and every two weeks announce a winner, who will get $50. The site is more of a bit of fun than a serious venture, but I suspect with the cash incentive and the subject matter […] More

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    Ants for Antworks

    I got a great gift at Christmas – an AntWorks ant farm. Its basically a tub full of super nutritious gel that Ants love, will dig tunnels in and happily live in. So the only missing piece of the puzzle is the Ants themselves – I needed about 25. It took me a couple of […] More

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    Monkey Sphere

    This is an old article, but a great one and worth mentioning. I came across it again after first reading a couple of years ago.. It is basically a light hearted look at how people become less important to you the “further away” they are from you, or rather the further away from your Monkey […] More

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    Dreamhosts Web Hosting and Voucher Code

    I have been experimenting with using Dreamhosts on a client project and so far it is very good. I have always used a UK based hosting company due to the potential search engine benefits (i.e. Google will recognise the server as UK and list the site better on google.co.uk) but now I am starting to […] More

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    Stumbleupon Spam Update

    Just to follow up on Stumbleupon raiding my GMail account… They did get back to me after three emails and sorted out the problem. The tool was still being experimented with and they have since changed the interface, for the better. Regardless I warn you again, be careful where you enter your GMail account details… More

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    Beware the Email Taker

    I normally only have good things to say about the ever popular online site finding tool that is Stumble Upon, although after taking my entire GMail address book and spamming them TWICE I am a little less enthusiastic. I should know better. I am a web developer and partly because of that I was intrigued […] More

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    Goodbye Kitty

    Hello Kitty, if you don’t know already, is a craze started in Asia revolving round a cute little cartoon kitty. You can buy clothes, stationary, bags etc. and even watch the TV Show. Somebody has obviously got bored of seeing this sickly cute character everywhere, and produced this great parody site Goodbye Kitty where you […] More