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    Boomshine Flash Game

    There are so many online games out there and so many deserve a look, so it seems a bit fair to single out only one… but it has got me hooked: Just click the little ball you want to start and it will explode into a circle of light – if it touches any […] More

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    Kitbag Discount Codes

    I just purchased a new pair of football trainers from online store Kitbag and found a bit of a loophole that lets you save quite a bit off your order. Follow these carefully… 1) First visit the site using this link: 2) Add what you want to your basket – you should see a […] More

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    “Not only is sleeping naked more comfortable, but it’s good for your health too.” Apparently its good to sleep naked so spread the word! More

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    This Connected World

    It is quite amazing really that in todays technology driven world it is quite possible that anyone can know where you are at any time. Some people are actually quite willing to give this information up, for example the EnGraph developers are located all over the world and have a website showing their location at […] More

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    Find Me On Wayki

    There are loads of Google Map based websites out there but Wayki I like because it is simple. The idea is add a location and share it on blogs, forums etc. This is me. On second thoughts I can’t really see a long term use for it – maybe it is a bit of a […] More

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    Its Friday, Internet World 2007, Caption Star Update

    Its Friday and this week has been quite short for me. I was down in London for the Internet World 2007 conference on Monday and Tuesday, which meant only three days here in my office. The conference was good although I was dissapointed a bit by the o2 key note – it was more of […] More