November 2007

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    How To Weigh A Suitcase

    Here is a handy tip for weighing your suitcase. Simply stand on your bathroom weighing scales and note your weight. Now stand on the weighing scales holding your suitcase and subtract the difference. Simple! Don’t go on holiday without checking your baggage weight – you could get a shock at the airport when you get […] More

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    A Summary of Steve McClaren

    This quote from Phil McNulty of BBC Sport (Where It Went Wrong For McClaren) reflects Steve McClaren for me: When England needed inspiration from the sidelines, all they got was a man keeping his hair dry with a brolly I will be glad to see the back of this Spin Doctor, more interested in trying […] More

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    Powerballs, Hints and Christmas

    I have wanted one of these Powerballs for a while now. Basically its a ball that has a gyroscope in the middle. You set it going and then hold it in one hand, rotating your wrist to keep the momentum going. There are powerball competitions where you get it going as fast as you can […] More