June 2009

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    What I have Learned while Travelling in Thailand

    Three months to the day I was sat in this same lounge at Doha Airport, Qatar. It feels like a lifetime ago that I was heading out to Thailand without little idea of what to expect. Now this little journey is over I realise that I have done so much and written so little about […] More

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    Fire Dancers on Had Yao Beach, Koh Phangan

    The idyllic Had Yao beach in the North West of Koh Phangan came to life at night with a number of beach front bars and restaurants. Most impressive of it all are the fire dancers – performing for a good few hours every night in front of the tables on the beach. Take a look […] More

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    Orangutans at Safari World in Bangkok

    This was quite a while ago now that I visited Safari World, although it has stayed with me as one of the more memorable experiences so far. The place itself comprises of a large Zoo, various animal shows and a separate safari. Somewhat ironically given the name, the Safari was the least interesting part for […] More

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    Internet in Koh Samui – Go To Big C

    Just a quick tip for anyone who might need internet access in Koh Samui – check out the food hall at Big C. The food is cheap (30B to 50B for most dishes) and the free internet is really fast compared to the bars/cafes offering wi-fi. They also have conveniently placed plug sockets for keeping […] More