November 2009

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    Dunbar’s Number and The Monkeysphere

    For many years, one way or another, I have been stumbling back to an interesting and funny article: What is the Monkeyspehere by David Wong of Essentially the article explores the limit of people we can care about. This “Monkeysphere”, cited as about 150, is the rough maximum number of people we can have […] More

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    The Start Of My Journey Through South East Asia

    Almost three weeks ago now I arrived in Bangkok from England for the second time this year. In stark contrast to the late autumn chill of Manchester Airport, Suvarnabhumi introduced me back to the hot and humid streets of Thailands capital. Even at 6am the city is buzzing with life. Streams of Taxis line up […] More

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    Arriving Back in Bangkok

    It was strangely underwhelming to board the plane after saying goodbye to friends and loved ones. Last time around this was an adventure into the unknown and yet this time I know exactly what to expect. My flight via Abu Dhabi was fairly painless although somewhat easier than I remember. Arriving in Bangkok hit me […] More