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2011 Has Been a Busy Year So Far…

Since my last update a lot has happened that I have wanted to write about. This is a catchup of the main things I want to cover, and I will be expanding on this in future posts.

Currently I am in Ibiza exploring a new project, but before I left I was experimenting with the Four Hour Body diet (aka Slow Carb Diet); I have more to report on this, as well as our “Project 36” world record attempt, a trip to Belamadina and on my winter/spring traveling plans.

I also have my Asia travel diaries to continue with, which I last left in Cambodia.

The Slow Carb Diet

For roughly two months I was on the Slow Carb Diet, popularised by Tim Ferriss in the book “The Four Hour Body”. Tim has been a big influence on me since “The Four Hour Work Week”, which helped me change my attitude to work and life, allowing me to travel the world while expanding my business.

In all I dropped from 76kg to 70.6kkg at the lowest. I did not consider myself overweight but wanted to lose a little fat to help me tone up. This for me was a success, especially considering I had an injury for much of that time which stopped me from doing a lot of the exercise I normally do.

A typical “Slow Carb Diet” meal – Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Spinach and Kidney Beans with a bit of Tabasco sauce:
four hour diet meal example

The diet for me was good fun and I enjoyed it. I cooked a lot more, ate more vegetables, genuinely enjoyed my meals and I rarely felt like snacking.

Since stopping the diet I have had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle – drinking, eating out a lot and not exercising. I have put on at least a bit of what I had lost but I wouldn’t consider this a Yo-Yo affect due to me changing my life from being very structured to very haphazard, in the party capital of the world.

I plan to use the diet again at the end of the Summer.

Project 36 – Raising Money for the Jimmy Armfield Statue Fund

During this same time I had been training hard for a world record attempt – the longest 5-a-side football game in aid of the Jimmy Armfield statue fund. The game was to last 36 hours, played by official FA rules and monitored closely by independent witnesses and video.

Most of our Squad and of course Jimmy Armfield himself:

Our attempt lasted just shy of 24 hours. 3 of our players had been sent to hospital and most of the remaining were playing with injuries and severe fatigue.

I had not been able to play due to a niggling calf strain which I could not shift. As much as I wanted to be involved I stepped down to allow somebody fitter to take my place and therefore not risk the record attempt.

However, I was heavily involved in organising the attempt and acted as coach, taking our training sessions, advising on diet and motivating. This was a great experience for me which I enjoyed massively.

Our main problem was the fitness of the squad. I had wanted to draft more players in at several points during the training, which started in January 2011, in order to motivate the existing players and give us a good pool of players to choose from. This didn’t happen and ultimately we had only a couple of decisions to make regarding the final squad.

In summary there were two main problems; I feel we didn’t have enough players with the fitness required and we tried to play the game too quick.

It was a lesson learned and the experience was great. I made great new friends, learned a lot about training and what it takes to organise a group of people to beat a world record. I doubt that we will attempt the 5-a-side record again as it is popular (the record has been broken a few times since our attempt) but I would love to achieve something in this area in the future.

You can read more about the attempt on our official Facebook page.

Going Loco in Ibiza

Late last year I decided to start a new project in Ibiza, Spain. For those that don’t know, Ibiza is the Mecca of dance and house music. Throughout June to October visitors flock to the island to experience the worlds biggest music clubs, the most famous parties and the most popular DJs. There is a transient culture in Ibiza different to anywhere else and this unique situation presented an opportunity..

Together with my good friend Ben White we hatched the idea to launch an online community. With Ben’s experience and contacts in Ibiza we had the opportunity to promote parties and pre-parties, giving us access to 100s of tourists and workers every night. Our skills match well – me handling the website and social marketing, Ben handling the parties, networking and promotion – and we had committed to the project fully by January 2011, naming our community Ibiza Loco.

We explored different ideas during the months and finally flew out to the “White Isle” on March 17th. With a part finished website, plenty of ideas and our raw enthusiasm we started recruiting for our ticket selling and pre-parties almost straight away. Within a short few weeks our parties were established and successful.

Within a couple of months we had launched our own beach party “Going Loco Beach Sessions” at Delano Beach Club, which has been massively popular:

Fire dancers at our Beach Party:

It is now just over half way through the Ibiza Summer season and already we are planning for next summer. We have met some challenges along the way and not yet fully launched the website, but have learned a lot and established ourselves here.

One of the biggest positives for me has been the photography. I have always held an interest in this area and the parties have allowed me to practice, learn and have inspired me to take this further. I know that now this will be a serious hobby of mine and perhaps even a side project.

See our Facebook page at for more information on this project.

Whats Next?

I have much more to update on including my Asia travels from 2009/2010, more details on this summer in Ibiza, a trip to Italy earlier this year, my winter plans.. and more!

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