Currently in Koh Phangan, Thailand

I am currently sat in a smart little coffee shop on the paradise Thai island Koh Phangan.

This has been my second home for a long time now and last year I managed to spend at least 50% of my time here. When I travel I am always looking for a careful balance of exercise, good people, an environment to work and the opportunity to meet new people.

Koh Phangan is that perfect balance and while I am here life feels simple. I am busy every day either kitesurfing, playing football, muay thai training, yoga, hiking and of course working on my business.

There is a great community of people here, both foreign and Thai, which is such a strong reason to come back. You soon learn that it is the people that make your life and experiences special; it does not matter how beautiful and interesting the place you are if you have nobody to share it with.

I do often think of travelling more and seeing new places, but that is something I need to plan carefully. Right now I am happy with this lifestyle but I am working towards more stability with work that will allow me to take time off to see the world.

I will be in Thailand for roughly another 8 weeks until I travel back to England.

I have not update the blog in a long time; expect more frequent updates from now

Written by Carey

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