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I have the misfortune of reading the Daily Mail on a regular basis. This highly influenced and totally opinionated “news” paper is perhaps the last piece of written text that I would ever exchange money for, although with it being in close proximity to my source of caffeine I quite often read it.

An interesting section is the part where readers can ask difficult and unusual (!) questions that are then answered by fellow readers over the next few weeks. Quite why anyone bothers to ask these questions, never mind answer them, is beyond me, considering the wide availability of a popular information source known as the Internet. Perhaps they are a bit lazy.

The questions are often pretty trivial, but this particular one summed up the absolute pointlesness of the majority of these questions…

“Apart from referees and train conductors, are there any jobs that still require the use of a whistle?”

I cannot begin to understand what this person could possibly gain from knowing the answer to this question. It did make me think however, that if we could pool the collective thinking of these people who apparently have nothing better to do with their lives, just imagine what we could achieve.

In defense of this question feature of the Daily Mail, I once uncovered a gem about a plucky fellow called Ali Dia, who hoodwinked Southampton’s then manager Graham Souness into believing he was George Weahs cousin and an international footballer, despite being an amateur. Ali came on as a substitute for Southampton, played about 50 minutes and performed so spectacularly bad he was substituted himself.

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  1. Yeah, the internet is a huge source of information but it’s also a huge source of irrelevant material and sometimes, you just don’t have time to sift through the gazillions of pages that Google has pulled up for you! I used to like those questions and answers in the Daily Mail but was never curious enough to ask any of my own! I’ve been to a wedding once where the army of waiters and waitresses were organised by a steward using a whistle! Kinda unconventional but everything went like clockwork!

  2. There you go, you can write into the Daily Mail and put someones mind at rest!

    Yeh it is quite entertaining reading I suppose, it just suprises me how daft some of the questions can be…

  3. we asked a question about beatles track yellow submarine and then left the country for 4 weeks,therebye missing any answers that were published,did anyone see the response,can you remember any of the answers,we would love to know.kath.

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